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Anime reviews from last week p2

This is part 2 of me reviewing anime i watched in the past 2 weeks.

Paranoia Agent


Work of the man behind Perfect Blue, (a movie enjoyed a lot), Satoshi Kon. My feelings are complicated about this one. You see, at some points i had to drag myself to finish this. At parts the story just doesn't go forward and gets stuck which was kinda frustrating. But what is the story?

Paranoia Agent is about an assault accident involving Tsukiko Sagi, the character designer of the famous toy called Maromi and a boy with golden roller blades and baseball bat who committed the crime. Shortly after more assault cases appear but the boy, soonly nicknamed Shounen Bat, seems uncatchable. Two detectives Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa are investigating without many results. As the assailant continues to commit crimes the whole town gets paranoid.

Of Course knowing the director the story gets to a point where you cant separate reality and illusion. Personally i think this concept works better in a movie, where you finish it in one sitting and so you don't get TOTALLY confused about where the story is at. I realized this after the 2nd time i sat down to watch the show and i didn't understand what was happening until the middle of said episode.

Overall, even if its not as good as Perfect Blue it is still enjoyable, i think the commentary about how rumors spread and can effect people’s lives is great.

I gave it 6/10 on MAL



I really wanna talk about this one, because i actually went into this one completely blind. At the time i wanted to watch something cute, something fun. I remembered the anime about 3 boys who can turn into kappas that i saw some years ago so i said, ‘Fuck it, why not’ and sat down to watch it.

Needless to say it had gone beyond my expectations. I was expecting a dumb story about kappa asshole sucking but i got much more then that. Next to the *kappa asshole sucking,Sarazanmai talks about human relationships and how necessary they actually are.

Yknow those old married couples who don't talk to each other and thus hate each other?

Yeah, Sarazanmai basically tells you to don't do that and ✯talk to people✯

It also has LGBT main characters if that's what you’re looking for..

The animation is very beautiful, the ost is nice. The humor is weird but so much fun, it is made out of word play tho so sadly some of it doesn't translate too well to english

I personally don't wanna tell much about it as i think people who haven't seen it should also go in blind as i did. It is short with only 11 episodes and i found it easy to watch in one sitting.

I gave it 8/10 on MAL

Tatami Galaxy


Same with Sarazanmai, I wouln’t like to tell you so much about the story here. But basically:

Our main character, simply listed as Watashi on MAL, is a collage student who wishes to have a “rose-colored” campus life. He wants to find love, you see.. so he decides to join various clubs. Every episode revolves around an alternative timeline based on the choices he makes, mainly about what clubs he chooses.

This format goes thru all episodes until episode 10. It changes there, i wont spoil how tho.

To me those 2 episodes made it worth watching the show, i really liked the last 2, it hit close to home.

The animation is unique, as usual from Science SARU. The story tells itself in a weird way, and the animation makes it that much more fun and entertaining to watch.

I think its definitely worth watching, even if not for the massage its trying to tell then for the funky and wacky situations the main character gets himself into.

I gave it 7/10 on MAL

Well, that is where my list of short reviews ends.I never wrote a review nor blog before, especially not in english so please forgive me for any mistakes i may have made. (English isn't my 1st language after all.)

Hope you enjoyed

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