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"please take me to neverland"
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I just finished enen no shouboutai

ok, there will be a lot of spoilers, so don't say I didn't warn you

yesterday i finished fifeforce and... Shinra is Jesus? Shu is an Angel? there is copies of us from hell?
is more than i can raciocinate, plz make it more simple
so, talking serious now, i like fire forces story for de motive that show us how terreble the society can be, how rumors can destroi a life of an innocent person, being called by "the person who kills his own family ", and even if it doesn't seem like he ended up with Shinra inside he still wants to be a hero, if I am in his place, I would never in my life want to save demons, as he wants me depressed (even though my mother told me that i am hope, a hero of the world)
anyway, there is still that scene where the shinra kills the demonic version of that "savior" and everyone hates him even more, of course at this point in the reading I was already thinking that humanity has no salvation and the evangelists are right for more than that it seems horrible to think (really in this scene my only desire was to protect him from everyone) and of course the cataclysm started with the strength of humanity's despair
sincerely firefighters are true warriors for putting up with it.
and speaking of firefighters it reminds me of the honorable death of the buns
maybe not so honored like that, really, I don't like him, but
however so however, his death was ... how can I say ... important for the development, for the explanation of the infernal copies, but it could be better
I expected a lot more from your character to be honest

I know I didn't talk about Sho properly, it was more of a reflection than something serious as I had in mind, but I love Shu and I will protect him from all over the world. He is my most adorable baby.
look at that
my favorite brother

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