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"Hi there! My ig: byhyhu11037 !!!"
3 years old
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Hi! get to know me better! <3

Im mix of miu iruma, celeste, and himiko yumeno LOL
i love punk, rock, lofi, chill music, anime music, and a lot more!
Im extra shy but when i see that someone is texting to me im just the happiest person ever!
im a little bit cringy and clumzy but i hope you dont mind,,,
i love tea!! i drink a lot of classical chinesse and japanese tea ! my fav one is Longjing!
im into art! im playing piano for like,, 8 years orsm, also im digital painter, im making cosplays and makeup!
Im playing sum gamez a little bit, and im watching anime B-)
i play lol for like,,,, 5 years maybe??? but i SUCK asf like really..... thats sad
im into baking! my dream is::: to open a smoll coffe place!!!! im baking a lot couse i like to see ppl enjoying and having great mood bc of my cakes!
my english is not good but i hope its ok,,
What about you? tell me everything! <3
~ ur local bottom punky girl LMAO

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