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"know that everything will be ok and just enjoy"
13 years old
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YO ITS MY BIRTHDAY SOONNNNNNNNN! only next moth, gonna be 14 ajefbAIV poggers but also sad bc old people suck /j

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i want to meet my loser club :(

(spoilers for it chapter two)if you dont know already, the loser club is from it, you know... the book... the film, anyway i wanna meet the people who i can laugh with and go out with, i don't mined a clown coming after us but i dont think id enjoy that bit to much, or maybe i would, who knows, all i know is that i really want cool friends that would stick by me AND DEAR GID WHY DID EDDIE HAVE TO DIE THATS JUST BAD, RICHIE LOVED HIM SO MUCH I DIDNT NEED THESE TEARS

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people are theorising the Minecraft world and no one is questioning crying obsidian!??? that stuff is weirdddd, wow I love Minecraft... anyway I'm good with Redstone… I don't mean to braggg buttt umm .. ... . ._ __. BP

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even after begging my teacher not to fail me I still get a grade 2... I need a grade 4 to pass sooo, ima go make food now... and tea

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WOW, I have been very happy lately, the good feels are going down a bit but I can easily fix that, I know I can, i just have to pop of a bit AND BOOMMMMM I'm all swag again! any way, very obsessed with this place, I love it. i hope you all have a nice day while i figure out more stuff on here ALSO HOW DO I COMPLEAT ALL OF ROBIE ITS NOT EVEN POSIBUL

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I play lots of people, so what one is me? when so many people can leave, can stay, they must know I don't ever stick to one person, how i act doesn't just change but my feelings and thoughts, i am writing this as the me that thinks she's the real one, no she's not, i am the real one, and if i want to be mister hot old cook man who likes young women and is 87 years old THEN GOD DAMMIT I WILL BE LIKE THAT, but i am needy and have always hated talking about feelings so that won't change... oh and i can get serious, just say cookie please stop and then i will stop joking and betrending to be someone, ok if you couldn't tell im bored and well....yer this could all be fake and I'm not bothered to tell you the truth;)

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its very cold and I'm blasting rock music, no noise complaints so its all good...I hope so anyway...

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