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"We all live to die"
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Heyyy so im in languages and we have a cover teacher, shes so rude smh. anyway she was trying to pronounce smth spanish and said PISS-cinda i literally cant with these substitutes- anyway she literally cant speak spanish but she was put in our class anyway 💀 im gonna go visit the war graves after school w/ my friends and i just got demonias /pos so im rlly excited. ive only got 1 hour left of this shitty lesson so yh. also i rlly need a piss but i cba to ask miss so im prlly gonna pee myself. also i have a headache so thats fun /s i didnt eat my lunch bc i didnt have a fork, and now im using my language class partners laptop charger to charge my phone. its literslly so sweaty like my ass cheeks a dripping.

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