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"welcome to my dream world "
14 years old
United States
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music <3

hi heres some artists/songs i like :) message me if we have any in common!
artists + fave songs by them
sorry its so long
-agust d (suga from bts) + people, what do you think?, agust d
-ariana grande + greedy, nasa, six thirty
-avril lavigne + sk8ter boi, what the hell, losing grip
-babymetal + headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!, line!, megitsune, song 4, ijame dame zettai
-billie eilish + watch, wish you were gay, my boy
-blackpink + really, crazy over you, stay
-britney spears + if u seek amy, womanizer
-bts + begin, dis-ease, like, if i ruled the world
-cavetown + fool, green, meteor shower
-chung ha + love u, stay tonight, why don't you know
-doja cat + rules, cyber sex, streets
-dreamcatcher + july 7th, piri, scream, wonderland
-(g)-idle + $$$, hann, i'm the trend, maze
-girl in red + I wanna be your girlfriend, bad idea!
-itzy + dalla dalla, nobody like you, not shy
-iu + dlwlrma, jam jam, palette, twenty three
-iz*one + beware, la vie en rose, up, violeta
-jhope + daydream, airplane
-joji + yeah right, run
-kard + enemy, ride on the wind, don't recall
-lil peep + ghost boy, omfg, witchblades, nuts
-loona + everyday I love you, loonatic, heart attack, one & only, egoist, love4eva, butterfly, satellite, fall again
-mamamoo + aya, destiny, zzzz, be calm
-mother mother + arms tonite, oh ana, hayloft
-nct (all units) + baby don't stop, dream in a dream, kick it, punch, love talk, sit down!
-oh my girl + bungee, cupid, the fifth season, nonstop, liar liar
-red velvet + blue lemonade, fool, I just, mosquito, rbb, talk to me, naughty
-rm + everythingoes, moonchild
-somi + outta my head
-sunmi + noir, siren, pporappimppam
-txt + our summer, cat & dog, crown, blue hour
-twice + I can't stop me, fancy, love foolish, girls like us
-the weeknd + starboy, I feel it coming

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