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"Is there any life on Mars?"
20 years old
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I DO NOT RECOMMEND PUTTING PERSONAL INFO OUT THERE IF YOU'RE YOUNGER THAN 18! After I accept please tell me whom you are (fake name is fine), and do NOT be a creep. Being a creep will result in being blocked.

Discord: mushroom#0939
Twitter: @Siren_Hathaway
Dc server: https://discord.gg/rAQ5Nf6w

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From broken to healing

Ya know, in this day and age there a lot of us broken ppl out there. Which really sucks man. I JUST turned 20 right? and b4 I turned 20, I left a very toxic house hold. So I realized something. As is there are plenty of broken ppl (as ive already said), so why add to the mess? Instead Ive gotten on Twitter,Discord and Snapchat to spread the love. Thats why im here now, and soon ill be doing so on Tik Tok once I gather the courage lmao. Would you be willing to spread the love with me?

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