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13 years old
United States
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Who would you team up with (people on My Space) if it was the apocalypse?

uuuuhhh probably my top friends, Gay_Thot, a couple others but it would take forever to write lmao

What is a dumb fear that you have?

a dumb fear hmmmm...probably eating a bug in my sleep lmao

Who do you consider "Popular" on My Space?

i guess i consider ppl with a lot of friends and rlly good CSS that they did them selves

What is a weird interest you have?

weird interest ig it would be dobby

Who is your celebrity crush?

zendaya all the way she is soooo hot

Who is your fictional crush?

oooo maybe the twin sisters on johnny test or in the new movie raya and the last dragon either raya or namaari

Who on my Space would you " Kiss, Marry, Kill?

I think i would kiss xsadhoex, marry rukia, and kill Tom sorry

If you met aliens for the first time what would you say?

i would have a party with them no question needed

If you were any animal what animal do you think you would be?

i would be a frog they r very sway and pogg

If Cis-Straight Men did not

i dont understand this question lmao @Gay_Thot can u help me understand lmao

have you ever got in a fight b4😀

not a physical real fight but me and my friend play fight a lot and i have had to break up a school fight tho

do you hate males ?

i dont hate them although they can definitely be stupid sometimes but im just not sexually attracted to them

are you a rapist?

umm weird question but no lmao

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