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"ghosts are friends"
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ghosts wants a profile update

soooooo i wanna update my profile , the ghost theme is gonna stay but on some other accounts ive been figuring aut how to change the text boxes and stuff but i cant do it properly just yet and i still need to figure aut how to edit the upper blue part and stuff im still not sure what I want to do whit this page yet and i dont fell like its finished...
also i wanna make more ghosty blogsty posts ≧◉ᴥ◉≦
hope i didnt bother anyone whit my usseles blursbs in this blogs
if anyone knows how could i change the position of the text and the font also how coud i make the borders different and place the boxes in different places also how to eddit the text besides my pfp (╥﹏╥) also how to edit the text where its not supposed to be edited like where it says "myspace.windows93.net" and "... is in your extended network"please dm me or comment


thanks to everyone who read this and sorry for the time i stole ;3

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thanks for the help :)


you can edit the blue part with: div#Header{ your new settings }, this will change the upper part. div#hSub{ also your new settings }, this will change the lower part. Hope this helped :)