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United States
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Hi! we are a band. we use the blanket term POST-GRIND to describe our music but unlike a lot of other groups, our albums can drastically differ and at times be kinda confusing in contrast to one another. we see all of these ideas as one direction, fitting under one vision but keep each album conceptually cohesive in their own ways. some people enjoy the more "metal band" material and others are more interested in our experimental works. this is a guide to our releases and a brief run down on what to expect with each. hope this helps you understand us and our ideas better. ENJOY and thank you for reading


FOREIGN GRAFFITI 2018 - our first full length album and most diverse in sound.. released following our split with STBT and just prior to the POTION split, FG ranges from harsh noise, conceptual sound works, industrial and straight forward grind. some moments have been described as "deconstructed metal". we can vibe with that. our largest release to date.

EVERY SONG IS A GOOD SONG 2019 - our second full length album. much more cohesive as a whole but still remains diverse in style which ranges from acoustic ambient music, conceptual audio experiments, free jazz to noise. based around a theme of desert exploration, this has been our most positively reviewed work and a great starting point for those more interested in our experimental recording work.


DEMO 2016 - the demo that started it all. 2 piece spazzed out grindcore with huge breakdowns, feedback and high pitched screamo vocals. our most lo fi release.

SPLIT w/ RUSH HOUR IV 2017 - our follow up to the demo and a further continuation of the original sound. breakdowns, blast beats, shrill vocals with the addition of much more noise and audio samples taken from movies and tv shows.

SPLIT w/ STBT 2018 - our third release and first as a 4 piece. one 18 minute track, this split strays from the "metal" style of the first two releases and takes on a more freeform improv noise approach. one of our favorite splits but NOT a recommended starting point for new listeners of the band.

SPLIT w/ POTION 2019 - maybe our best known release currently. a return to the absolute all out grind style of the first 2 releases now featuring the newly formed 4 piece as well as the addition of triggerd drums, bass drops and to some maybe TOO many samples. THIS IS A VERY GOOD STARTING POINT if you are more interested in screamo/grind than experimental music.

SPLIT w/ BODYACHE 2019 - again another extension of the "metal band" sound. even more fucked and rapid pace than ever with the all members now taking on vocal duties. a quick but monolithic release.

SPLIT w/ EDDIE x MURPHY 2019 - a return to the conceptual ideas of FOREIGN GRAFFITI recorded during the ESIAGS sessions. lying somewhere between noisecore, free jazz, cut up and harsh noise. this one is a perfect combo of ALL our sounds.

SPLIT w/ TORTURING NURSE 2019 - consists of one single track, modeled to sound like a trailer park being hit by a tornado. an exercise in audio replication and extreme sound curation via traditional instruments. encapsulates the term post-grind to its fullest extent.


REFRACTION vol 1 2019 - this is the first release to feature our full 5 piece lineup and is entirely recorded live at various shows in early 2019. consists of material from both LPs as well as some new live original material unreleased previously. we'd suggest listening to the studio albums first but a few people have said this is their fav cd of ours.

REFRACTION vol 2 2020 - best recent representation of our sound. features b sides, more unreleased live recordings and all our international compilation appearances from 2019. incredibly diverse in sound, ranging from free jazz, conceptual experiments, noisecore and beyond.


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