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"lolz ig it is what it is right"
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lolz i think im in love with my bsf

haha shes the first person whos ever called me their best friend and they say she loves me but i cant tell if its platonic aha i think we low-key flirt idk whats going on
oh look its becoming a rant abt what i want with her but prolly cant have 😍
she wants someone to match homescreens with and i want that but im scared to say lolol
i want them to stay up all night with (NOT s3xu4l) and talk about whatever
i want her to explore abandoned buildings or places were not allowed together
i want eat sushi with them in a kids playground and watch the sunrise
i want to dance and sing and cry and scream outside with her while its raining at night
i want to make little camps in the woods with them
i want to get couple cosplays with her (lolol were getting miu x kiibo)
i want them in my life but more than we already have
but shes the first person whos made me feel safe to vent and hasnt ever judged me, the first person whos called me their friend (let alone best omg) and i dont wanna muck that up :(
sorry i just needed somewhere to put this im prolly not gonna get it but a persons allowed to dream right

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