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"deity of chaos"
69 years old
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book classics i've lost my sanity over

lord of the flies (kids killing themselves, has a faint scent of anarchy)
catcher in the rye (bojack horseman but make it 1950s)
the great gatsby (gay simping 101)
dracula (overhyped i guess)
clockwork orange (i really need therapy now)
frankenstein (surely, a clitoris)
the picture of dorian gray (i actually liked this one)
jane eyre (why did i read this again?)
1984 (allowed me to flex on my teacher afterwards so 10/10)
the handmaid's tale (overhyped, kinda good tho ngl)
wuthering heights (cool vibe? idk was kinda boring)
pride and prejudice (slow burn but i don't even like romance??)
of mice and men (deep and annoying)
to kill a mockingbird (felt guilty reading it)

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