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"that is alarming"
Male to Female
14 years old
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better introduction

Hi, my name is Carol, I go by She/Her (male to female :) )
I am in love with Friday night funkin so if you enjoy FNF, we will get along just fine :)
i play alot of roblox (mostly FMF ga,es) https://web.roblox.com/games/21532277/Notoriety?refPageId=ae541924-5702-42f9-85ac-a54ab2ae38e6, https://www.roblox.com/games/6447798030/ZARDY-Funky-Friday?refPageId=3066bd9d-b92a-4725-964e-36fbad80b5b6

if you'd like to add me on discord and roblox, I'm: BlastingSnail (ROBLOX) (Message me for my discord!!)
I am incredibly active so if you would like to chat more, dont be afraid to private message me on myspace, or friend me on discord!

i'll be typing little things in my own comments,

I have a youtube channel but i will NOT share it, if you find it though please private message it to me via discord or myspace, i will literally give you a cookie.

I am a musician, and I excel at piano.
I play rhythm games a heck ton
I play OSU! (barely lol)
Robeats (a roblox rhythm game)
And quaver (WIP rhythm game, you can get it on steam!)

If you have a question to ask me, please message it to me privately!
I am bisexual.

Thank you for reading! good day!

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