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"this f*cking hell"
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Appreciation; an adjective, a strong and beautiful one. Appreciation is the recognition, admiration, and enjoyment of someone of something.

People really appreciate sacrifices, they are specially made for you and express their love for you. Sacrifices that your parents, your family, your friends for your own good is very special as you know those feelings are so pure, beautiful and authentic.

In my case, I consider myself a bad person, I consider myself an ignorant and un-appreciative. I can’t even name something my beloved ones have sacrificed for me, because I have grown so much to it that I don’t acknowledge it as something to be glad and to be grateful for, lowering it to just a simple mere action like any else.

Just as breathing.

Something beautiful we should actually be grateful for every second of our lives but we aren’t. Is weird if someone just stops their every action and thanks their surroundings just for existing and being there at the same time as they are.

I can’t do that. Or at least not right now, I can’t seem to think of anything at this exact moment. I’m grateful about a lot of things, yes I acknowledged their sacrifices for me, but then?

Then can be 10 years, 1 year, 1 month, 1 day, even one minute later, and then, then I don’t acknowledge their sacrifices anymore. And maybe I would have never acknowledged them like this if I didn’t have thought about it.

Reminiscing is something we should do more often, it reminds us of the little things that are so massive but we just see them from afar, making them short and usual, when they aren’t.

I make small, that my mom has passed hunger and sleepless nights because of work because she needs to pay the bills, I make short that my dad has overworked himself and sold his car getting one less expensive to pay my school and my sister’s.

When they have stayed up late because I was sick, when they have taken care of me when I am a grownup already, when they cook for me when they are busy, when they buy me stuff I don’t necessarily need.

That, everything they made are small but meaningful sacrifices they make every day I don’t even acknowledge and I’m sometimes ungrateful for.


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*Think of something poetic*

As you read the title, i'm not creative enough to think of something poetic so do it yourself, i'll be glad to hear ideas;


What's love and hate? So cliché

What is love? Love is a lot of things, not to sound cliché though, love is tough, it's hard, it's tender (definitely not taking that part from an EXO's song), it's sweet, sympathetic, pure, lovely, light, loyal, respectful, and when it's in its upper point it's the most beautiful thing anyone can describe because you feel complete and wonderful. It's just right (again, not me taking that from EXO's songs, maybe also GOT7's, but shsh, right now that doesn't matter.).

Real love is exciting and just the mere thought of it sends thousands of electrifying feelings all over them, so static, so fast, so tingling, so good you feel like your heart is about to burst by something so normal, and probably it is an everyday thing but if you're in love then, then it would be the best, of all time, doesn't matter simple, because love is simple.

You don't have to show your affection with big things, with expensive gifts, with cliché moments, and cute, lovely surprises for your other one. Maybe it's not your other one, not everyone needs a boyfriend or girlfriend, maybe it's your pet, maybe it's your child, maybe it's your family. Love is not only a romantic thing, love is for everyone, and for all to have and receive, equally, doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter you were in the past, or you'll be in the future, because love has no limits. And it doesn't matter how hard it can be love is always achievable.


Then, there's hate, I'm not as excited to talk about hate as I'm for love. Love can become hate, and hate can become love. It has no limits, and the line between them is incredibly short and small. There are a lot of stories, millions of clichés which everyone loves, but some hate.

And then just with one mere sentence, there's hate. Hate is confusing as well as love. It's not the opposite, no, it's not that. Love can be bad too, and hate, hate can be good too. That's why the line between them is so small.

Love can be hate and hate can be love.

But what is really hate? Is it hatred? Is it madness? Being angry at someone? Not exactly.

As well as love, hate can be really hard to explain, because it's a feeling and everyone perceives it differently. You can describe love, and you can describe hate. You'll find that most of the adjectives for love are also valid for hate.

Hate is hard, is tough, is strong, is also a rush of adrenaline in your veins, (obviously in a different way), hate can be light, respectful, simple, funny, it can even be lovely and playful in a way that you hate someone you love, but it's that. Loving someone you hate, hating someone you love. Because it's that.

You can hate someone lightly for someone they do, they did, or they'll do. But there's forgiveness. And that's the most important thing; forgiveness. You can't forgive easily things that hurt like a stab in your heart, but you can forgive little mistakes and simple things.

Forgiveness is very delicate. It's important for every relationship, romantic or not, to resist and overcome difficulties. Relationships can be hold only by apologizes, it doesn't work like that either.

You need to be in that line. That minimum and small line between love and hate. You don't have to be perfect, no one is. No one can be. Everyone is unique and different in their own way. Hate is not only hate. Love is not only love. They are both, they even are all, if I may say, but at the end of the day.

Not everything is love or hate.
Sometimes other things are way more important.

Tbh i just wanted a place to use the kyungsoo gifs...
I copy-pasted this from my english homework, so don't judge
And yes, i wrote this many crap myself, your welcome