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13 years old
United Kingdom
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im a doll :)

^ WARNING! - please refrain from mocking me for FINDING COMFORT in pretending to be a doll. ^

im a happy smiling doll, everything about the world is amazing. i love sitting on a bed in a cute little frilly dress waiting for my owner to come home and brush my curly hair. i love to see her smile as she has a tiny tea party with me and my friends. i love cuddling with her all night until shes woken up for school. i miss my owner when she leaves, i want her to bring me with her. but shes scared ill get cracked while there, so i remain happy that she cares. i love my owner.

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love and fear

my god do i hate playing off my obsessions as a cute yanderecore type persona,,,,
im genuinely obsessed with so many people
it scares me to think that but i need to come to terms with it,,,, im scared of what people think when i show signs of being lovesick to someone whos done terrible things (this doesnt include people like mortis, dan, kaylee, or kittydog,,,,,) it makes me look like a horrible person????

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