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Carebear Q&A

🌈Care Bear Asks🌈
🐳Seafriend Bear: What’s your favorite sea animal? -lobster because they taste yummy >;)

😴Bedtime Bear: What’s your nighttime routine? -stay up until i fall asleep..

💫Wish Bear: If you could wish for anything, what would it be? -to not be sad most of the time

☀️Funshine Bear: What’s your favorite summer activity? -swimming,looking cute on beach, time with people

💖Love-a-Lot Bear: List 3 things you love about yourself! -my nose my smile well everything :)

😁Cheer Bear: What never fails to cheer you up? -my brother and my new friends on myspace >.< iluv1..

🌸Sweet Sakura Bear: What’s your favorite flower? -the 1 you can make a wish on

🍀Good Luck Bear: Do you believe in luck? -no, or im just unlucky

🤔Wonderheart Bear: Do you ask a lot of questions? -too many,yes

🍰Treatheart Pig: What’s your favorite food? -anything my mom makes lol (shrimp alfredo)

🥳Birthday Bear: How would you describe your ideal birthday party? -cookies instead of cake and at a skating ring

🏆Champ Bear: Do you consider yourself athletic? -im lazy but love 2 run

🎤Harmony Bear: What are your top 5 favorite songs? -ily by surf mesa -myself by bazzi -care bear song

🐘Lotsa Heart Elephant: Do you consider yourself to be truthful? -yes..not always but yes

🤪Playful Heart Monkey: Do you like to play pranks on people? -im too shy to prank call or prank people but i prank people with my cousins xp

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