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"Sαɯαɾαʂеɳαι ƙιɱι ɯα ʂԋσʝσ"
15 years old
United States
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I know I'm a virgin but I literally already know all my kinks lmaooo. Wattpad, porn, steamy anime audios and a bunch of yaoi content, has helped me realized that I am a proud, not yet active, but still proud member of the bdsm community. I actually learned a little bit about Dominatrix work and tbh it seems super cool. I'm a switch so idek if it's possible for me to be successful as a ProDom but the thought of dominating men is exhilarating. I could definitely see myself pegging a subby boy but idk if I could whip a cliet constantly with a flog yet yk.

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wtf is a man

Someone plz explain to me why cis-het men exist. Like I'm trying to figure out how tf u just came out the womb an embarrassment. Couldn't be me :3

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