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"If you’re gonna hit it, hit it till it breaks!"
69 years old
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Random facts about me!

I’m short like 4’11 so that’s ugh something I guess.
My favorite band is Gorillaz
I’m mixed. My dad is black and my mom is white.
I have curly hair. It’s like 3c curls. I love my hair lol
I got doc martens for Christmas. They’re the most expensive piece of “clothing” or whatever I own.
I finished the AOT game in 15 hours lol. It’s not very hard.
I like skateboarding but my sister took my board so rn all I have is my longboard.
I live in a small city in Arizona. It’s usually pretty cold here but it can get really hot too.
I have 7 siblings. 3 sisters and 4 brothers. I only have 3 actually related to me but I’m not gonna explain my whole family situation to you rn. MSG me if you wanna know about that! <3
I’m literally using my school iPad rn cause my parents took my phone and laptop so it’s all I have.
Yuno Gasai from future diary is my waifu. Levi ackerman is my favorite person literally ever lol.
My comfort anime’s are Haikyuu, ouran highschool host club, and my hero academia.
I have a pretty cool room lol.
I love tea and smoothies. My favorite food is rice. Like straight up white rice with some soy sauce. I religiously drink monster and redbull.
I’m small but I’m fairly strong and fast. I can fight pretty good lol.
I have a birthmark on my forehead that for whatever reason I forgot existed.
I’m in the middle of rewatching Another.
I have one of the galaxy lights like in The Galaxy is Endless and when I turn it on sometimes I cry because I’m still not over it.
I cannot spell :|
Okay that’s all, have a good day/night. MSG me pls I love talking to people! (Even though I’m awkward most the time lol) <3

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