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"pisses pants"
16 years old
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☆Sailor Moon☆

<h5>Hey There!</h5>
I finished sailor stars recently and i can say with confidence that the entire series was so good!!!1!
dont tell anyone but i kinda did pirate it,,oops!!! (shhhhh!)
<h5>Sailor Saturn</h5>
Sailos saturn is probably my favorite sailor soldier! next to venus, and mercury. Its dissapointing that they didnt give her a transformation sequence, still pretty sad about that :(
maybe if they decide to remake it or something they'll give her a proper transformation :0 that would be so cool!!!
<h5>Tuxedo Mask</h5>
Usagi is lucky, she has tuxedo mask to herself! unless chibiusa is there at least. XD
tbh i LOVE tuxedom mask, momaru, darien, whatever you want to call him. Hes just so dreamy!
i wish i could have a man like him...
there is this one boy actually, i might talk to him one day.
i act as if we never talk, we do sometimes, anyways though.
Tuxedo mask not showing up too often in sailor stars was pretty dissapointing tbh, he didnt rlly do much :(
maybe in that remake im wishing for, who knows.
Usagi, Serena, Sailor Moon, Serenity, Neo Serenity, whatever you wanna call her, shes an amazing character!
i heard about kinning, from some friends at school, it apparently means a character you deeply relate to:00
if im being honest i probably kin Usagi! XD
i hope you all enjoy my first blog!!!!

sailormoon #anime

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