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"Hello, I'm L!!! let's be frens "
Cisgender Female
21 years old
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⁎̩͙ ⁑̩͙̩͙ ⁂̩̩͙͙ messed

I really dont know how to deal with my feelings and all the headache that this give to me,
nowdays i've been going out with this guy and I really, really like him, he is just amazingly cute and treats me with a lot of kindness, still I have this thoght in the back of my mind that just says ; " he don't like you, he wants to fuck you"

Of course I don't want to have this in my mind, but I just cant

It's terrible to have this terible feeling that everyone just wants to use me every time and this impacts in my trusting issues, also my relationships that never work.

Well, that's it for today

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