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101 FWIENDS?!?!?!?!?!?


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So Stressed

so so
so stressed
ha ha
ha ha ha hee hee hee

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Dream Journal #2

I forgot everything about my dream, except..

All I remeber is Pico walking in saying "Guys, I think I'm bisexual..." and then I woke up. I have no idea why that one part stuck with me but everything else disappeared as if it never even happened =(


Dream Journal #1(?)

I don't remeber how it started, but I sure do remeber how it ended.

I was talking with my cousin in her bedroom and she showed me a Friday Night Funkin animation (that didn't exist irl) because she liked how the sitting idle animation for Girlfriend looked nothing like the games. I responded with, "Yeah, how you think I got this gif?" insert gif of Girlfriend here.
Basically, the rest of the animation was Girlfriend yelling at Boyfriend on a subway train, (inside), about how he cheated on her.

After that animation, my cousin showed me another one by the same creator that explained the events in the previous video. I literally can't explain it on here, but Boyfriend was not cheating. I remeber my cousin laughing and me just staring blankly at the screen. The funniest thing is that all of the events that happened were so non-sensical and ALL of it happened in New York and NONE OF IT SHOULD LEAD TO GIRLFRIEND THINKING BOYFRIEND CHEATED.

The second half of my dream was me sitting next to my mom on the couch while she watched RuPaul's Drag Race as she usually does. I was on WhatsApp, listening to music and talking to friends. I was in the middle of making a FNF mod while talking about it to my freinds, taking suggestions, (don't ask me why it was always FNF related, idk), and I was inserting characters in like it was nothing, but I had no idea who was going to replace Pico. I then said aloud "...but who should be Pico."

I then woke up and I still have no idea who should replace Pico.

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