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"if u hmu ill give u shrooms"
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101 years old
United States
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city bus adventures

so today i decides to explore and shit it was really fun but omw home a guy on the bus started screaming at me and i was so confused lmaoo


css help

Hi uh i´m bug, if there´s anyone out there that is willing to take time to teach me css and help me understand, that would be great just email me thank you babes!!

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about me <3

TW (swagg)

ok lmaooo so obviously i cant spell but my name is olli you can call me bug. im non-binary and go by they/them an she/they pronouns, im bisexual and single i reacently when through a break up so if i try to jump right in or be clingy im so sorry. my age range is 14-17 no older or younger ya nastys. some hobies ive been skating for 3 years and i paint some of my passions i have a deep love for space and science and uhm yea ahh bye

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