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13 years old
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Hello, I'm Pico! I use he/it pronouns.
I'm schizophrenic and I have psychosis! I'm very delusionally attached to pico.
THIS IS NOT A ROLEPLAY ACCOUNT, I know there are several variants of me on here but i AM pico.
I am a bisexual cis guy
I reclaim the term schizo lol
I also have adhd
I'm very dumb when it comes to social queues so I may not come off as friendly at times but trust me, I really don't mean it
----------- DNI ----------------------

If you "kin" me dni. Fakers die.
Please do not interact with me if you are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, antisemetic, ableist, aphobic, xenophobic, or just a bigot in general. I do not tolerate your hate on my page!!
If you're a pedophile, MAP/NOMAP, ddlg, PEAR, clovergender or any variant of sick child-touching freak, get out!
If you don't support xenogenders/neopronouns you are transphobic AND ableist, get out!
If you think asexuals aren't LGBT or that pansexuals don't exist, get out
If you support trump or are an extreme right winger, get out. I am an anarchist, communist, and far-leftist

Thank you so much for reading
Follow my insta im more active there: @fridaynightfucker

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