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"How did you found this text?"
9 years old
United Kingdom
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I quit myspace

That's right, you heard me, i quit myspace, i have told ya'll before that i'll stay here as long as possible and as good as possible, but then when those times came for bad people to come, it all changed and quitting myspace93 and some Discord trollge was my only escape...

What caused me to leave myspace93?

This is the same reason why i left myspace93, so it all started months ago on Jaden's discord server that used to be cool, but now the TODS (The Official Discord Server aka Jaden's official server) is shut down, and i know who caused it, not just for me, but other ones too, So i quited server, joined again, then later quit it again and join again, stayed for a little while, and everything changes, everyone got so bored that they decide to do different stuff, some of them were the ones that almost killed the server later, others bullied me, and what did i did while i was bored, Well i decided to use a 2nd account but i didin't mention that to anyone, then when later they found out, consequences started happening in TODS, one of them was that i was forced to stop using different alts i have, so yeah, i stayed again, but then i got bullied more often, so i decide to do that again but a lil bit more sneakier, but accidentally revealed i was using the alt, was forced again, then i got mad and quit, later someoene told me to join back, and the server is half dead, so then i decided to close my myspace93 page for some days and people were pretending i was dead, later when the page is back online, the funeral is off, then koala quits server and another funeral ceremony is made, then another one is made, i really saw how server was dying because of how many people are quitting while my ceremony was going, and after my myspace93 page is back i worked on a new game project, (wich rn is delayed but maybe it will be back on development some day) it was going well, TinCS helped me with music of it and it successfully got all soundtracks of the game. Its now 2021 and TODS was really death raging that the server funeral ceremony was made, Then i was the one who quitted it too, then a few months later the TODS died, then i was invited to the Earl Gray T's server, it was kinda cool, but it was about to unexpectingly get worse, when i did the same thing i did before, someone explained that i was bad at hiding alts, then we did a talk then another guy joins the chat and yeah... Then i sent a trollge nuke because of how i was annoyed, wich caused me to get banned from all myspace servers, koala said her last words in my server telling what i've done and then saying goodbye, i deleted those messages because i didin't wanted to spread of what happened to 93 servers, sooooo, yeah, this is why i quited myspace93 and what caused it, i bet none of you read the whole thing but its okay...

Will i revive and say sorry to what i've done?

If Jaden Desmond would once want those good days to come back, maybe i will, but there isn't much chances of this happening though...

What are my plans without myspace?

Well i have a Pɪᴘɪ Cᴀᴄᴀ Gᴀɴɢ, It's against some people but yeah, also i'll do Youtube videos more often, Scratch projects? Well sorry for some but that is closing down too, however, i can be a unity game Modder and i'm working on a big project that may take very long to finish and a fun fact, half of the game is already ready and modded, but i will not share it yet because there is so much to do in the game that even i really like to play it, maybe you'll like to play the game too, man, can't wait, also i've made a website where the game's download will be stored here when it's avivaliable

Will i come back

Maybe, if those guys will quit everything or everyone that ruined my myspace journey would apologize...

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i feel sad that you were bullied so long.you dont deserve this. But i hope you will realise what you did on 2 severs is just as bad,,i used to do some inconsiderate things long time ago so i hopes you can learn as well..
also your web site is cool