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Boba! [ ボバ ]'s Blog

"˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚"
101 years old
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Interests </3

I didn't want to clutter my bio, so I'm writing my interests here ^^

I really enjoy watching anime. I usually prefer horror, idol, slice of life, or romance anime. Although if you have any recommendations i'm happy to watch it no matter the genre! I also enjoy reading manga, especially since I don't read other books that often. The illustrations help me understand what's going on, and I will definitely take any manga recommendations as well.

Kin list:
Menhera Chan
Chiaki Nanami
Natsuki Gushiken
Yuzu Aihara
Yuno Gasai
Riamu Yumemi
Super Sonico

(Please don't shame me or anyone else for my/their kins! Everyone is allowed to kin whatever character they want <3)

I love mcyt and minecraft streamers/streamers in general. They comfort me a lot, and they've helped me cope so much during tough times. My comfort mcyts are Dream, Quackity (I know he doesn't like being called an mcyt, i'm just including him here) Wilbur Soot and Nihachu.

My spotify profile link is in another one of my blogs, but I also want to put my favorite music artists here.

Artists I like:: girl in red, eyedress, siouxxie, vocaloid, syko, h3artcrush, surf curse, joy again, current joys, the girl next door, cavetown, arctic monkeys, conan gray, Melanie Martinez, mother mother, wilbur soot, beach bunny, salvia path, the neighbourhood. I also like pretty much all lofi music.

I'm very into crystals and their properties. I'm into spirits as well. I don't work with spirits or anything, but I enjoy researching about them. Some other stuff I like to research is zodiac signs, astronomy, and anything space related. I've been fascinated with all of these from a young age, which is probably why they're important to me.

I'm bad at starting conversations, so if you ever decide to talk to me and i'm awkward, i'm sorry! I would also like if you used tone indicators when talking to me in a serious situation/when there's a problem you need to address.

Have a nice day >///<

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