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The Axeman murder's

⚠ warning mentions of murder and graphic violence ⚠

In 1918-1919 for about 18 months New Orleans would get hit by a serial killer named the Axeman. He would only attack at night and is responsible for 12 attacks and six killings. In chilling fashion he would kill people while they were they were sleeping in there beds. He never used his own tools he would find a weapon of some sort in the victims house hold usually an axe which he mostly left at the Sean of the crime.

Time line: On May 23, 1918 at 4109 Magnolia street the first suspected attack happened. Catherine and Joseph Maggio were both valiantly struck with an axe and there throats were slit. the bodies were discovered by Joseph's brother. Around a month later on June 28,1918 near laharpe Street another attack accord. the vicomtes being louis Besumer and Anna lowe. The body's were discovered by a baker making deliveries that morning. Louis would survive the attack and Anna would survive seven weeks before dying. Anna supposedly said that a big white man had attacked them. Another month later on August 5, 1918 Mrs. Schneider found by her husband but was still alive and survived the attack she was also pregnant and successfully gave birth after the attack. Five days later on August 10, 1918 Joseph Romano was found by his tow niece the tow girls apparently saw the attacker and described him as " Dark, tall ,heavy-set wearing a dark suit and black slouch hat." Om march 10, 1919 the Cortmiglia family was struck Rose woke up to husband Charles fighting the axeman which is a fight that Charles would loose. Rose and there tow year old daughter would also get attacked but Rose and Charles would survive. Five days later a new Orleans news company would get a letter from the axeman it said "Hell, March 13, 1919 Esteemed mortal, they have never caught me, and they never will they have never seen me, for I am invisible, even as the ether, which surrounds your earth. I am not a human being, but a spirit and a fell demon from hottest hell. I am what your Orleanais and your foolish police call the Axeman." He then goes on and insulted the police saying "they have been so utterly stupid so as to amuse not only me, but his satanic majesty . But tell them to beware let them not try to discover what I am, for it were that they were never born, than for them to incur the wrath of the Axeman". He then goes on to tell the people that he cold be worse "undoubtedly you Orlenlans think of me as a most horrible murderer, which I am, but I could be worse if I wanted to. At will, I could slay thousands of your best citizens, for I am in close relationship with the angle of death." There is a section of that letter that would terrify new Orleans " now, to be exact, at 12:15 o'clock earthly time, on next Tuesday night, I am going to Passover New Orleans. In my infinite mercy, I am going to make a little proposition to the people. Hear It is. I am vary fond of jazz music, and I swear by all the devils in the nether regions, that every person shall be spared in whose house a jazz band is in full swing at the time I have just mentioned. If everyone has a jazz band going, well then, so much better for the people.one thing is certain and that is some of those persons who do not jazz it on Tuesday night if there be any, will get the axe." This later lead to create a song called Don't scare me papa. people say that the city was truly alive that night and those who did not have a record player went in to locale jazz clubs to stay clear. Luckily no one was killed on that night. On August 10, 1919 Steave Boca was found attacked but mange to survive although he dose not Remer it. later that month on 2128 street Sarah Lemann was attacked but also could not remember. Two months later he attacked Ester and Mike Pepitone. Ester woke up to her husband screaming and ran t the bed room her husbands head was 18 times and died tow hours later. She saw tow figures in the room but Couldn't remember any details. After that the case remand unsolved. :)

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Ha! Pretty much better.

The Atlanta Monsters

The Axeman rules. I used to read about the dude on Prairie Ghosts back when it was still up. Pretty sure that site's gone now.

It was years before recordings of The Mysterious Axeman's Jazz were posted online. It's a nice number I guess.


those persons who do not jazz it on Tuesday night if there be any, will get the axe sorry I can't take this seriously I just keep imagining a demon of hell saying jazz it and jamming to some groovy music lol


always jazz it fellas