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"Your local cemetery."
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Merry Cemetery Săpânța 437305,

The Merry Cemetery (Romanian: Cimitirul Vesel pronounced [t͡ʃimiˈtirul ˈvesel]) is a cemetery in the village of Săpânța, Maramureş county, Romania. It is famous for its brightly colored tombstones with naïve paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, the people who are buried there in addition to scenes from their lives. The Merry Cemetery became an open-air museum and a national tourist attraction.

The unusual feature of this cemetery is that it diverges from the prevalent belief, culturally shared within European societies – a belief that views death as something indelibly solemn. Connections with the local Dacian culture have been made, a culture whose philosophical tenets presumably vouched for the immortality of the soul and the belief that death was a moment filled with joy and anticipation for a better life (see also Zalmoxianism).
(Info from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merry_Cemetery... My teacher would be so disappointed that I use Wikipedia for researches haha)


I found out about this Cemetery from a Classmate. This cemetery is really beautiful and at some point, it doesn't even seem like a cemetery. It's so colourful and different from all the cemeteries I have seen. The Naive art style of the tombstones gives a totally different feeling to the place in a good way. Because usually, people see cemeteries as a creepy and uncomfortable place to stay. But this. Actually shows a totally different perspective on how something like pain and just creativity can change everything.


All of the tombstones have poetic writing about the person who is laying under them. Most of them tell a short story of the most important things in their life and why they died. As well they have a small illustration of the person and there hobby or what they did when they were alive.

(some of them get pretty dark, with the translations...)

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what a beuty.i wish i can be buried some hwere like this