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"Just killed a woman. Feelin' good :) "
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Lowkey kinda sad ngl

Daily check in everyoneeee. I lowkey stopped eating breakfast and dinner! My dad wants me to go on a diet and I did but he says he wants me at atleast 150 lbs. so I can be fit for sports but hoenstly, I don't think I can do that. I weigh about 210-220 rn and it's taken me a lot to just get down to 210. It's stressing me out rn and I wanna cry. I kinda hate myself and he knows that I want to lose weight but I didn't think he would go this far but honestly I'm done. I don't care at this point if you don't like me, for me, but also just came out as welllllllL!!!! I came out as trans!!!! I GO BY HE/THEY NOOOOOOOW!!!! So please refer to me as he or they like fi you wanna talk to me just say like, "Oh yeah I talked with HIM yesterday and HES really. THEY also have a great sense of style!" ^^ please and thank you. My dad got pissed off about that too it was kinda funny thooo.

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I'm sorry you have go through that I'm currently going through the same thing so if you wanna talk you can always message me :)