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"(I'm just messing around with the CSS)"
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How to add gifs

Normally these are for saying "Thx 4 the add" or maybe for your profile idk?
Mk anyway search up anything on google and make sure It's a gif
Next right click it and copy image address link
After just edit and paste the image address either on your "about me" or "who I want to meet" or sum.
Mk thats all

I forgot to mention sometimes they don't work probably bc you did sum wrong or it just doesn't

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How to add custom cursor on myspace

First, go to this website: https://www.cursors-4u.com/
And choose any cursor you like! (There are themes like animated, anime, sports, cartoon, cute, etc.) After you click on the one you like, scroll down and copy "Option #2" It should say something like "/* Start https://" and so on. Once your done copying that, edit your profile and paste it onto the CSS box. Press update then you're done :D

(Make sure you add it to the front in the CSS box so it works!)

Random links so you don't have to search for the one your looking for:

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How to add live background or your own

Go onto google and search up any image you want as your background. After right click it and press "Copy Image Address". Now make sure your logged into myspace. First, copy all of this:

body{ background-image: url() }

Make sure you copy everything.
Now, go to "Edit your profile" and paste that to the css box. (scroll down if you cant see it.) After, make sure you paste the image address between the "()". Then your done!

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How to add music

First, your gonna have to go onto yt and search up a song or anything. Next copy the link of that video. Now just go onto google and search up yt mp3 or go to this link: https://ytmp3.cc/en13/
Alright after converting it, download it and go back to myspace and login. After make sure your on your home page and you should see a comment saying "Edit Mp3". Click on it and click on the file you wanna use for the song. There you go!

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