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16 years old
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it has been a wonderful run with the tangerine layout ive had much fun But i thin it is time for a . change. imnj currently working on a theme (thats why my page is extremely ugly and boring right now but just wait) thats CHOCK FULL of kitties & pixel hearts & flowers & adorable things ure all gonna love it its so cute im gonna barf sparkles and rainbows okay stay tuned

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growls (affectionately)

its 2 AM ive been trying to figure out this coding bullshit for the last 3 hours its just so HARD //huge// respect to the people that do it its so complicated i could never :[[ im super tired but like .. i dont feel like going to sleep sigh x_x i hve this jikook fic i wanna read so i will go do tjhat & find some melted chocolates in the couch to eat 👍👍 have a wonderful day night afternoon morning everyone !

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yoongi : lets discuss

hello i would just like to say min yoongi from bts ? amazing guy. the love of my life. he buys me flowers everyday. he cuddles me to sleep. he kisses my forehead. the previous 3 statements are technically false but . He is the love and light of my life i would do anything for him . have you ever SEEN his beautiful gummy smile well if you havent then go look it up right now and you will see what heaven looks like. his visuals are INSANE he;s the prettiest boy ever i love him so bad . his passion and talent for songwriting ??? his stage presence ????his aura ??????? this man has it ALL im telling you . one of the most amazing things about him is hes not afraid to be honest with people, and it shows through his songs. his music, as well as the rest of bts' literally saved my life and i cannot thank them enough. i just . i just love yoongi so much you guys. my love for him overflows my mortal body and i just am overcome with the urge to kissand hug him and love him forever. he's my soulmate im telling you i feel such a strong connection to him he means so so much to me truly. he is so beautiful inside and out and oh my god did i really write a whole motherfucking PARAGRAPH bye im so whipped OKAY in conclusion i love min yoongi and Stan bts <33

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What am i doing

to be very fucking honest i just did this cause i was bored i have No idea how to actually operate this shit :DD

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