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19 years old
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Soo bored

So.. I just finished my math homework (i haaate it)
now it's 2am in my timezone and nobody is there to talk or chat w/ me and i caaant sleep

maybe i watch some clipfish or YouTube


Just recognized i didnt had to do them til tomorrow wow..
wasted my time

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Bad news again

Half a year ago I thought I planned my future life perfectly, but it all has changed....

todays morning when i woke up i checked the mailbox and found a letter with a negative reply to my job application.
I know that doesn't sound as awful but i based my whole "life restart" on that job.

In addition my mom puts a lot of pressure on me becuz i didnt had a real job for over 2 years and without a positive reply she doesn't help me out with my vaccation plans for the summer...

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This sucks :(

So I'm working at this job since 2 years, all out of sudden my boss decided to cut my working time.
I lost all the connections to my co-workes and now i feel like a stranger to them.

My shift starts in 2hours and im kinda anxious now before every start...

Any help for me?:(

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CC Reisen im Summer ^^

Ich suche 2-3 Personen((hauptsache Mensch!<3 #embrace_equality))
die grundsätzlich kein Problem damit haben für 3-4 Wochen von zuhause abzuhauen(>‿◠)

Mein Plan ist es wie Goethe ((Ich weiss das klingt bescheuert XD)) einmal durch Italien reisen!!!!!!!!!!!
Von Südtirol bis nach Sizilien! Das wär ein Traum!!!!

Schreibt mir einfach wenn ihr grundsätzlich Bock hättet! Wird bestimmt lustig neue Leute wie euch kennen zu lernen!

LG Ole, euer Wald Elf;-P

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