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"i blame my fnaf phase for the way i turned out"
101 years old
United States
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CSS credits ع˖⁺ ☁⋆ ୭

‏‏credits to Fawkes McCloud (https://github.com/Fawkes-McCloud/Win93MySpaceCss) for the majority of the CSS templates!
accessory CSS credits to "sophie": https://sophiezhng.github.io/my-space-windows-93-themes/ (she makes some awesome premade themes, so check those out! i made my theme myself though, i used the CSS for howl walking, the glowing animation on my friends, and the header [I replaced the pictures to fit my theme] <3)
credits to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gka8X7VYxxuCYnfD0A3nxEzBrBCz0Catva8x-dv1r2I/edit for the lil song web box thingy! (also makes very swag premade themes, but I only used the CSS for the mp3 player!)
credits to https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=8201&amp;b=1 for the sub-header CSS!
I credit all the creators whose work i used because i spent more time than i'd like to admit looking for bits and pieces of css to use, and they deserve credit for their hard work, use these resources if you need to luv <3 (but credit them ofc!!)

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