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"advocate for arson"
18 years old
United States
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i've been super considering livestreaming on twitch (art, gaming, etc) because that is just what i'd like to do 😳 i'm sort of afraid to start though. it's like that feeling you get when you start a new sketchbook or journal and you want the first page to be perfect. i think, though, that doing livestreaming will help me get over that kind of fear. a bad habit of mine that i noticed is that i set my own standards for myself waaaay too high. my "standard" is perfection. i sometimes can even overwhelm myself with it, since sometimes things just won't go the way i would like them to. the idea is that streaming would help me figure out what i can be proud of without pressuring myself for it to be perfect. being live, you just have to work with what you can and sometimes things won't go the way you plan and that's okay! if i shared links to my livestreams maybe that would be something to be interested in.

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