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"Death, Drugs, and Destruction, but make it cute. "
18 years old
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about me

As a self proclaimed introverted loser, i spend a lot of time alone. which means i also have a lot of interests. one thing you'll learn about me pretty quickly is im what people like to call an art kid, ive been drawing and sculpting for as long as i can remember. contrary to popular beliefs, thats not my only interest. i also have a thing for horror movies, comics/manga, kandi making, writing, and singing. i wouldnt say im particularly talented in any regard but i love them all nonetheless. more recently ive been really interested in learning more about things like witchcraft, bone collecting, gardening, etc. im not so well versed in those things yet but i hope to be. on top of that there are some things i want to learn about but i feel they need their own separate category. i would love the opportunity to learn more about religions, psychology, and the history behind witchcraft. those are less of interests and more things id like to study in the future if given the opportunity. what im trying to get at is if your interested in any of those things lets chat!
i know ive been rambling on and on but i did call this an about me so lets move into more of myself and less of my hobbies. honestly there isn't much to know about me. im not that interesting. my personality is an amalgamation of my hobbies in interests, take that and mix is with someone who cant take anything seriously and you got yourself a hot mess. anyway im really hping to find some good friends on here ^^ ok ok im done babbling. keep it grimy ;))

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i have absolutely nothing to say

i just want to test this out, nothin special. if anyone is seeing this, how are ya? how's your day going? did you eat yet? how's your mom? tell her i said hi ;)) jk ... unless.

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