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"🕰 wHerE am i🕰"
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14 years old
United States
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vent ig?? idk i dont wanna do my

man i really fucking hate school
my mom took my goddamn phone away and she got pissed at me be i have 2 missing assignments
like its just 2 missing assignments-
i get that she wants me to pass and shit but like fr its stressing me the hell off
especially since ive always been told im the "gifted kid" bc i learn kinda fast.
i lose motivation to do stuff so easily nothing is even fun anymore lmfao-
but anyway idk im just bored and decided to write this shit instead of doing my work lmao <33

edit: also can someone teach me how to make my theme look cooler?? idk i suck at css or whatever thats called and its so confusing wtf-

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