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no thoughts, head empty (tw, news)

Me when no thoughts in head: smooth brain go happy
Me when many thoughts in head: wrinkles brain go sad

u know?

I don't like the news. I understand that they are important to some sort but sometimes they are either upsetting or making stuff completely out of the blue. Like, there once was a news channel that talked about anime, and they just made up that anime, and I'll say specifically ALL ANIME = h#ntai. And they put beautiful anime shots& scenes while they refer to all anime as p#rnographic animated Japanese thing.

And I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, it's just a news channel. My country is small, we don't need alot of news channels, and that news channel just happened to be really big in reputation, people in here knows that channel. So.. yeah it's frustrating.

News channels r f#ckin boomers
Grow the f#ck up


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