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"And I don’t want ur pity/ unless ur kazuha xoxo"
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New obsession alerttt

Omfg sk8 has become like half my thoughts along with becoming internet famous. I picked up Reki and and Miya kind and I hate Adam. Yes I knows he has trauma and shit but it’s no excuse to act the way he does near the minors in the show :/ . Not very poggers of him tbh but I can’t do much abt it ig... I’ve been drawing Langa and pained the reiki pfp I’m using rn so I kinda want to show off so here:

❄️ https://ibb.co/9wtgKDR

‼️ https://ibb.co/qR2ZtwN

Lmk what you think off them?? I don’t paint trad or digo as much so give me any tips or opinions pls 🤲🤲🤲

Ahhhhh Update it’s 2 am and I just realised I’ve fallen back into the red and blue ship aka klance but make it about skating... I’m in tears omfg, the similarities are too great to ignoreee. I’m so stupid, I have school tomorrow but I can’t sleep well knowing I’m back to voltron even three years later?

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ooooooooo i love them they look so good!!!! and yes sk8 is such a good show im so glad you like it!!