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random musing day 1

i have spent the entire day on here setting up my account instead of doing schoolwork.

do i feel ashamed? no.

Should i feel ashamed? most likely.

i've been overexerting my brain recently.

im a burnout kid: i was told how smart i was from a young age and now im older and i have no idea what to do with myself.

so now i coast

my grades are still higher than the majority of people i know, but still i cant help but feel as if im falling behind.

although this has been the happiest and peacefullest my mind has been for the last few months, the last few days ive spent just taking time off working and just doing what i want to do.

i dont know, but according to recent news the uk isnt coming out of lockdown until easter so that means i still have a lot more of this to go.


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