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Brianna Bieniek is a terrible person.

(im definitely leaving some shit out)

• she kept shipping one of her characters with an OC of miles's after miles told her it made him uncomfy

• she has violated our boundaries that exist for a very good reason
(for context she threatened suicide when miles was in the middle of recovering from trauma related to suicide threats)

• she uses ellipsis in every vent, idk how to elaborate but yeah

• she stutters in text and says "heh", which, as a stutterer, is lowkey a crime, people who unironically stutter in text scare me

• she says she has DID but only remembers she does when its convenient, and she doesn't even know what DID means according to andy. bri is faking DID to fit in i guess, she said, and i quote
"well... i have DID soooo i have many ppl" while we and a few other ACTUAL systems were talking abt being systems, and there's a difference between coming out as plural and "well...... i have DID 😼🤪🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴😩😩😩😩...... uwu!!!!!!"

• she'd prolly say depression is wearing black

• she once said she's a trans girl, but then another time said she's a cis girl

• she's said shes 18 when shes like,,, 14, isnt she???

• she's just,,, not cool. her vibes are bad and she's done a bunch of shitty stuff

• I've told her i didn't wanna talk to her a while back and she continued talking to me

•she probably fakes mental illnesses for attention. this is coming from someone who HATES fake-claiming ppl

• she talks abt being horny in a gc full of asexual minors

shit my friend has told me abt bri:
"there was like a fight and bri couldnt stop making it all shitposty and pissing people off
like just spamming gifs, images, and emojis"

"i feel like bri would call someone a slur for being upset at her if it was like
in dms and not in public"

"so bri just vented about how shes sorry for whatever she did
and she used ;-; and ;0;
along with a crying gif"

"on another note, in every vc/google meet i've been in with her, shes always talking over everyone and when i wait patiently to talk when it goes quiet, the moment i start talking she just takes the spotlight"

screenshots of bri's bullshit:




fuck you Brianna Bieniek.


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