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"▹Darling you are different◃"
Apache Helicopter
19 years old
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Checklist before my Profile is finished

☑ Changing cursor, IT DOESNT WORK OMFG
☑ fade effect
☑ actually writing something in my bio, rip
☐ changing the subheader font
☐ adding more detail and love to the left side
☐ adding sum detail and love to the right side
☐ finish drawing my actual profile pic, uuuugh
☑ Changing my friends' icon to a round shape
☐ effects when moving the mouse over some objects or friends
☐ changing the default Captions
☐ fixing the blog post pages

☐ the list may change throughout the day >////<, if you know how to do any of those, pls message me!!!!!!!!

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