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12 years old
United States
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this is unimportant again

im really sorry this isnt supposed to be about me right now i should be helping someone else but i feel terrible and actually dont know what to do about it this time

my cat was chasing a mouse and he was standing over it i thought the mouse was dead but its leg was still moving so i ran in the house and got a plate and bowl and ended up catching it without touching the mouse. it was still alive when i caught it and i thought it was pretty so i wanted to show my mom but she made me give it back to my cat, i kept telling her the mouse was gonna die and i've already held out his death for to long but she said "hes just messing with it" and made me give it back, the mouse died and its all my fault but hey at least i know im not insane

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That sucks, The poor mouse and your seems pretty mean :\