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"my brothers gf is pretty swaggy"
14 years old
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here are my opinions

Here are my opinions, a place where I state my opinions and then remind you that they're opinions.

monster tastes like watered down soda with added sugar and then more water :weary:
but thats just my opinion, we all be different my bros

pedos have to be put in jail for life, they arent gon go into jail and come out different. they are forever pedos :nauseated: either that or we burn them all :star_struck:
this is my opinion as well, but it is the correct one

Sneezing is the greatest experience i've experienced
but people sneeze different??????????? maybe??? i like sneezing anyways

tommyinnit's laugh is annoying im sorry don't attack me subcscribe to technoblade
this is an opinion im sorry again im sure tommy is a great person boy man and very funny and amusing

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