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pafu-kun's Blog

"I like killing orphan children"
Gender Questioning
10 years old
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  1. Someone reported my spotify playlist bc it's called "Songs I listen to while murdering children" (playlists name's ironic)

  2. I'm 4'11 foot tall :/

  3. I really enjoy meeting new people, but soon our conversation becomes less interesting or I'm afraid to reply back :[

  4. I'm atheist

  5. I still have my Wii and I still can't beat the water dungeon i Tloz: Twilight Princess

  6. I cried when I killed Ender Dragon and while reading End Potem

  7. I live in christian family (my mum is kinda homophobic and really transphobic)

  8. I don't live with my father

  9. My favourite animals are frogs, donkeys, pigeons, goses, bees and bumblebees

  10. My fovourite mobs in minecraft are zombie piglins, piglins, endermans and bees

  11. I want to start a cafe where stickers are added to the order

  12. I wanna start streaming minecraft but I don't have good set up :/

  13. I have a dog. His name's Olaf!

  14. my pfp is actually me but made in panorama mode by my friend and edited by me

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