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pafu-kun's Blog

"I like killing orphan children"
Gender Questioning
10 years old
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  1. Someone reported my spotify playlist bc it's called "Songs I listen to while murdering children" (playlists name's ironic)

  2. I'm 4'11 foot tall :/

  3. I really enjoy meeting new people, but soon our conversation becomes less interesting or I'm afraid to reply back :[

  4. I'm atheist

  5. I still have my Wii and I still can't beat the water dungeon i Tloz: Twilight Princess

  6. I cried when I killed Ender Dragon and while reading End Potem

  7. I live in christian family (my mum is kinda homophobic and really transphobic)

  8. I don't live with my father

  9. My favourite animals are frogs, donkeys, pigeons, goses, bees and bumblebees

  10. My fovourite mobs in minecraft are zombie piglins, piglins, endermans and bees

  11. I want to start a cafe where stickers are added to the order

  12. I wanna start streaming minecraft but I don't have good set up :/

  13. I have a dog. His name's Olaf!

  14. my pfp is actually me but made in panorama mode by my friend and edited by me

  15. I'm speedrunning loosing friends faster than Dream in his speedruns or manhunts B)

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