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Akiyah (o-o)'s Blog

""I feel like Glitter""
Gender Fluid
15 years old
United States
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Shifting storys-

1st shifting story-
I shifted to Saiki K, he said No<3 I end up in attack on titan then got eaten and woke up

2nd shifting story-
this was by accident but I was laying down, cuffed my face because I'm touch starved and was just thinking of Todoroki, fell asleep then wake up to him I knew I shifted because I had all my senses and when I have dreams about anime characters they are 2D not 3D but we were just laying there in bed and he made the first move cause I was scared asf and he was just tracing my face, then was playing connect the dots with my freckles, cuffed my face then we fell asleep I woke up first or I thought I did and I thought he was sleep so I was just tracing his scar with my finger and his man WAS SMILING I TELL YOU and I was just like UGH SO FINE in my head of course then I remembered KISS HIM SCAR RN BECAUSE HES INSERCURE ABOUT IT so like the baddie I am I did it AND HE WAS GIGGLING AGHHH he was 3D btw and if anyone ever wants to see a picture of what he looked like add my discord I got one HEHE BUT YEA 3D TODO IS HOT ASF I CANT EVEN LIE but then since it was on accident and I didn't have a script or clone so my aunt woke me up and here I am sadly:( but enjoy my story - my discord - LevisMissingHeight#5025

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