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Anyone else believe in karma

I feel like maybe in my past life I must've been a Nazi or something cause it seems that every time when my life is put up to chance im always pulling the short end of the stick. No matter how hard i try to improve my life no matter how much i accomplish something comes along by chance to rip it all away from me.
I used to be Popular in school. Athletic and influential. Chairman of my own committee. Executive board of the school. Varsity in 3 sports. Im bragging yes because i worked my ass off for 2 years to create that life for myself only for it all to be stripped away in 3 days. My parents divorce caused me to move to the united states and restart my life. But thats fine i did it once and i can do it again is what i thought but you know CORONA and all. Im hardly the only one affected by this shit so im not gonna complain about it anymore than i already have but hey i started to get my life together again or so i thought till i contracted the damn virus lost my job and now my body is too weak to play sports.
I lost Everything in life my friends, My status, My athleticism, My family life, my job. I have nothing left to lose. Ive reached rock bottom. But hey ive already made that statement in the past but everything kept getting worse somehow so i guess i shouldn't hope for the best.

Man how many war crimes did i commit in my past life for the universe toscrew me over like this.


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Frodo Potter

I don't believe in karma, too many good things happen to horrible people and good people get jack shit.