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"i want a bf pls n thx </3"
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im taking a break

this morning i woke up to the sight of my tarantula's tank on the floor. my cat had knocked it over and there was a mess everywhere. thankfully, i'm sure shark (my tarantula) survived the fall based off of the fact that her body wasn't right there so she had to be alive in order to move. but my chances of ever finding her are slim to none. she's extremely small so there's hardly a chance i will ever see her. and my family kills every spider or bug they see, so with my luck they'd probably squash her or something.

so, what i'm trying to say is i'm genuinely really upset over this. like i'm writing this to try to keep myself calm and not have a panic attack over this. so, i will be taking a break and will not be active for a while bc this simple thing is genuinely going to stress me out for days. i do not know when i will come back but hopefully i would have found shark by then.

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gaaah i'm so sorry to hear that:( take care and best of luck finding her!!