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"virtual golf B]"
14 years old
United States
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News Ig

I’ll be overseeing my good friend Parakeet’s profile for the summer I’m sorry that he cannot be here in person but we hope he will enjoy his summer

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That time of the year

Ah yes, its that time of the year again for LGBTQ+ couples do come together and run through main street with rainbows, the same time of year every corporation ever makes their logo that nice ROYGBIV and "supports" all gays lesbians and so on alike as for me ill be spending this Pride Month like every other month mostly alone. Thats all for now happy pride month <3

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About me

  1. I can and will (if i need to or just feel like it) kill you with my bare hands
  2. I didnt make my CSS :D
  3. I hate a lot about people is incredibly hard to be perfect in my eyes nobody will ever do it. Go ahead try
  4. im a very affectionate person and like to make sure everyone's safe and happy if you really are down talk to me I love to help^^
  5. I do fly planes stop acting so surprised
  6. Bro theres just like nobody to talk to here sometimes.. its lonely
  7. I really hate guys because most of them are disrespectful perverts and dont have respect and only think about what they want.. bitches
  8. there is no 8
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Social Ques

If I say “mhm” to you in a convo 1. I’m busy 2. You’re dry asf 3. I don’t approve of you or what you just said

If I ask if you rp all I need is “no I don’t do that/not comfortable with that” not Ew GrOsS rOlEpLaY

There will be more edits once I think of stuff!

If I ignore you and you see me online its because I absolutely disapprove of you <3

If you make me happy you'll know

Bruh I want you to be comfortable so tell me if youre not ok? ok

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What you have

You cant spell friend without end, lover without over. Hold on to who you have while you have them treat them well and give them your all because it may be tommorow that they arent yours anymore.