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Please Click away if you don't like serious topics about This. ):

So I Want to talk about something serious I've been looking around lately in myspace. And out of Nowhere I've been getting a lot of messages In here From a while and No I'm not going to publicly write their Users, Here. Now Those messages for me We're getting really out of hand Because at first they were really nice and all. Good Conversation at first, Then After a day I've got a message saying That i should add their Discord, Snapchat, instagram, To Send Nudes Of myself to them While i only known them for a good 24 Hours. And Wasn't even that close to them to have my own confidence and trust in them to send Pictures of my own Naked body to them? Should be ashamed of themselves. I Said No multiple times and They kept on insisting and saying I Should send them Nudes of myself. And Them also asking me to be Sex-Buddies, I Wasn't suprised at first. Then asking me if i Still have my virginity Available So they can Practically steal it By Raping Me. Honestly disgusting And I Can say that they were much younger then i was. I'm currently 18 Years old And those kids We're 16 At that time. I Really thought MySpace would be a safe place. And not be with Those kind of people who Hit up on Older & Younger kids then their age. I'm really in serious shock and Couldn't believe my own eyes That I'm being asked these Questions that are just very awful for me.

And I Deeply apologize for all The People that Might've been through these kind of Situations and I Really hope everything's better now. And for me That thing really ruined my whole reputation. And if those people Read this blog and know It's about them I Am Disgusted by you're behaviour and what you've done to me And probably did to others too.

I Would like to Mention their Users But like i said i Won't.
But i will gladly be here to tell you in Private messages. Not Publicly :).

It's also really a shame to be Getting These kind of messages probably daily, I Obviously didn't think this will happen to me. Ever in my entire life i did. And clearly I am completely out of my mind right now, Those kind of people must've been through a lot and Probably never knew How to communicate with people. But Asking them Sexual questions, Trying to guilt trip them to send Nudes, Saying they'll rape you if They were beside you? Disgusting. Literally, You Shouldn't do this.

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My Birthdway !! ๐Ÿ’š

Eek! >_<
My Birthday is coming soon In February 16th !! :D
Ty all for the people That sent me friends reqs Btw ! <3
Glad to be you're friend ๐Ÿฅฐ

I'll be happy to get some Early Happy birthday comments !!
, Anyways tysm for visiting this Kinda boring blog i made lmao ๐Ÿ–ค
Have a good day ppls! ily :3 https://www.glittersdream.com/graphic/cat/emo/tomorrowisjuswtanotherday.gif

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