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13 years old
United States
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why im not active

so i bet some of you are wondering why i havent been that active, and i am going to tell you why

i havent been active because of some users on this site that make me feel uncomfortable

just seeing those users on the online page is enough to make me hyperventilate and feel unsafe (speaking of hyperventilation, one of said users made me have a full on fucking anxiety attack just by looking at the content on their page AND made me have trouble sleeping because all i could think about were those contents)

im not going to name the users for personal reasons but if you want to know their users you can message me

now im usually online at night because not many people are online (like right now)

thats all i have to say for now, i hope you all understand

im not sure how to end this off so have this picture that makes me feel cozy

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