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"sad poncho man"
16 years old
United States
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Hi! My name is Max, and honestly, a good way to describe me is just one weird dude. Let’s just go down a little list of mine ere. Just basics, my interests, fashion choices, mental -- s p i c e -- as I call it. my obsession with Arizona green tea, and how I am a crow.

To begin let’s just go with some basics, I max, I’ve said this, I’m 16 (I do NOT look it), live in that great C + O the land of the devil’s lettuce and the home of the stoners. I am no banana ree, A Capricorn although you would never guess it, pansexual, and just r-really just a dude in need of a hug.

My interests, I like everything and then and I am somewhat good at the majority of them. I race mountain bikes for dat good green. I ski but only of my own fruition and usually alone, I ride street BMX, longboarding, martial arts, music listening (idk if you can call that interest but it’s going here anyway), Looking good, urban exploration, DnD, I really could go on and on all day, if it exists I’ve probably tried it

In my fashion, I usually wear shades of maroon and black along with a dark camo, occasionally ill wear white. I WILL ALWAYS WEAR A HAT, this is a constant, I wear hats 24/7 ever since like I was 4. Now piecing all these together usually resides in a loose undershirt, usually black or a black and maroon hoodie with a b i g overshirt, whether it’s just a bleached black shirt or an acdc shirt. Then some semi-tight jeans with a functional non-functional belt that hangs to my knee and some docs. Usually sporting like 3 necklaces of the most random stuff like old skeleton keys and small lightbulbs, if it looks right a leather collar and then the same for my necklaces but ears, take random stuff and shove it in my ear holes.

My mental -- s p i c e -- . I have ADHD which just kinda makes things better or worse like if I’m waiting in line I can just space out and follow a random rabbit hole for what feels like 2 min but it’s like an hour, but at that if I get my mind going I can’t sleep sometimes. I can have random bursts of genius but at that and make beautiful works of art but at that, I can struggle on the most menial task. My PTSD wich kinda surrounds my hat but I kinda don’t really want to talk about that. My auditory schizophrenia which really isn’t anything bad, just a voice just says the most random words like once a week, just sometimes a weird generic voice says like b e a n s every once and a while and I just have to live with that.

I love Arizona green tea for some reason, just like if I don’t have it for like a week I die of thirst. I have a whole like industrial-sized crate outside of my house rn, and I take a pallet in when I finish the first and work on that one for like a month. I also want to do an art piece with them but I don’t know what to do.

I am a crow, I have like random colored bits of strings along with just like keys and small rocks that look like a peach a$$. But like I’m really prideful about them as well, like if I show you my stash and you don’t like it ill start crying on the spot. I also go on walks specifically find little things, my most recent find was a really old wooden hockey stick. And if I find something really cool like an oil slick dipped rock (i found one of these once, e.g rock but the stuff dried on it and it makes the rock really shiny and colorful and cool) I will happy stim and start screaming and crying.

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Yay crows are cool i like to collect fiddle toys ☺